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G.I Jones - Boat Cove - Julie Massam Interdisciplinary Artist

G.I Jones – Boat Cove

Mixed media on 300g/m² paper
28.5cm x 20cm


GI Jones – Boat Cove is a detailed level 2 decipher revealing an event from the past in the area of Boat Cove. It reveals a shipwreck of a large wooden vessel. It is unclear whether this vessel had a single or double wooden mast. A figure of a female with long hair carrying a large package on her shoulder is in the foreground whilst an older male figure with a white beard stands above her, his arm wrapped protectively around. Cornwall is strewn with shipwrecks but it is interesting to note that the G I Jones was wrecked near to Boat Cove with the loss of 11 crew and the Captain in 1883.