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Julie Massam

Contemporary Artist

Privacy Policy

Julie Massam Art takes your right to privacy seriously and wants you to feel comfortable using the website.

How your data is used

Any data which you submit about yourself while using the website, for example, via the comments or contact form, is used strictly for the purpose intended and, unless otherwise stated, or you give explicit consent, will never be shared with any third-party.

Your usage of the website is tracked through the use of cookies, as detailed below. This information is not personally identifiable and uses anonymous codes to obtain information about your visits.


Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. Like most websites, we use cookies to improve and customise your experience, and to track usage and trends.

Cookies are harmless, but since they have the ability to include personally identifiable information, sometimes people can have concerns about their online privacy.  On this website cookies are used for three main purposes:


Cookies allow us to collect information about how visitors use the site and how it performs. For example, analytics may be used to track which pages are the most popular, or how long it takes for visitors to find content. Generally this information is used to help develop improvements to the website and to give you a better experience.


Cookies allow us to deliver functionality based on the choices you make, such as remembering your preferences when you make a return visit to the site. Without the cookies, your experience of our website wouldn’t be as personal or as feature-rich.


Some content from third-party services, such as YouTube or Twitter, is included on the website and these services may use cookies to enhance your experience or to identify you when you move from one website to another.

Most web browsers allow control of cookies through the browser settings. Some online services, such as Google Analytics, allow you to set options about how cookies are used across multiple websites.

By continuing to use the website you are consenting to us having the option to store cookies on your computer.

Privacy Policy

In accordance with European General Data Protection Regulation you can find full details of our Privacy Policy by clicking this link