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Julie Massam Interdisciplinary Artist - The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim

Mixed media on canvas panel
Panel edges painted orange
Size: 20cm x 20cm x 1.5cm


Intending to avoid serious outcomes, my first print was taken from a fallen palm leaf found in the gardens. Having taken a simple monoprint from the palm I was shocked to see the face and figure of a man with a beard. He appeared to be dressed in robes and there was a three pronged ‘flame’ or ‘flag’ above his head. The image was very powerful, especially when research revealed that the monks of St. Michael’s Mount once owned the land upon which the gardens now exist. I was equally fascinated to learn that St. Michael’s Way – a route used by pilgrims, crossed the gardens just beside the stream. Upon reflection, I felt that the three pronged shape above his head signified the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and that he had been a holy man. I felt that he was my guide and companion through the gardens and perhaps beyond and named him ‘The Pilgrim’.