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Post Industrial Landscape (Levant) - Julie Massam Interdisciplinary Artist

Post Industrial Landscape (Levant)

Mixed media on 300g/m² Bockingford paper
Image size: 30cm x 22cm


The sunsets from Levant Mine are amazingly beautiful. This Level 2 decipher represents sunset. The orange light is emphasizing the industrial scars that run through this ‘Post Industrial Landscape at Levant. Tunnels, shafts, processing sites, tracks and buildings. You can see one mining tunnel protruding out beneath the sea (which it does from Levant Mine). It was said that on a stormy day, miners could hear the sound of pebbles and rocks being drawn across the sea bed by the rough waters above. The shape in the top right corner is strange. It could be seen as a human brain and brain stem. The three black lines look like a wind turbine. There are flaming areas just beneath. Fire was used in part of the smelting process of tin ore.