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The Bucca Comes Knocking - Julie Massam Interdisciplinary Artist

The Bucca Comes Knocking

Mixed media tablets mounted on wood panel
Tablet sizes: 9cm x 12cm & 12cm x 12cm
Panel size: 31.5cm x 20cm


A combination of Turin data and my own marks appear on the two tablets that comprise ‘The Bucca Comes Knocking’. The tablet to the left is my own, with a memorial depicting 31 circles. Each circle represents one of the victims of the Levant Mine disaster. The tablet to the right is pure Turin data. There appears to be a small, delicate figure with a stick, leaning slightly forwards. A bird looks on. The scale of the bird to the figure suggests its’ origins are with the ‘little folk’. According to Cornish legend, the Bucca or the Knockers would bang on the sides of the mine shaft to warn the men of imminent shaft/tunnel collapse. The occurrence of the Knocker combined with the appearance of my own reference to the tragedy at Levant is a strange coincidence.