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The Arsenic Labyrinth (Levant) - Julie Massam Interdisciplinary Artist

The Arsenic Labyrinth (Levant)

Mixed media on 300g/m² Bockingford paper
Image size: 20cm x 14.5cm
Frame size: 37cm x 32.5cm


In ‘The Arsenic Labyrinth (Levant)’ the sky is red with the heat from the smelting process for tin. Sulphurous gases would have filled the air. The rocks nearby are devoid of life. Just black skeletal trees caked in soot. The shape of a Dickensian gentleman looms large in the sky, perhaps a reference to the rich owners of the mine. To the bottom right of the print, we see a workman in overalls pushing a barrow of white arsenic. He trudges wearily forwards with his heavy load.